PREEMS is the improvisational electronic music duo of cousins ​​Renzo Gorrio “Hydroplane” and Miguel Delgado “bioMecanico”, who live in Oakland, California and Toronto, Canada respectively. The duo relies on jam sessions whenever they happen to be in the same city. This album was recorded in a makeshift studio on the third floor of bioMecanico’s parents’ house in Lima, Peru in 2019. With Hydroplane on synths and bioMecanico on percussion, this collaboration borders on tribal and dark rhythms, diverging from the sound of their individual projects. Preems is an expression of the cousins’ genetic connection, musical tastes, and experiences they have shared for more than two decades. The music takes shape almost by itself with only minimal conceptual coordination at the beginning of each session.

The art of this album began with compiling a photo of their grandfather Marcelo Delgado Lacroix when he was a child, on which the hair and facial hair of the duo were juxtaposed resulting in an image that resembles them in an almost uncanny way.

The material from this album was part of the debut presentation of PREEMS at La Casa del Auxilio Lima, Peru, in an event organized by Aquelarre on February 16, 2019.

The digital version is available on Bandcamp.
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Released June 19, 2023

Written and performed by Miguel Delgado & Renzo Gorrio
Mastered by Renzo Gorrio
Artwork by Miguel Delgado

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